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Installation document suggestion (Fwd)

Please incorporate a link to the dselect tutorial in the installation
document (http://www.debian.org/2.0/install.html).


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Subject: Re: Debian dselect question
Date: 10 Sep 98 22:39:32 GMT
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In comp.os.linux.misc Christian Meder <chris@chris.isr.uni-stuttgart.de> wrote:
: In comp.os.linux.misc cxb@psu.edu wrote:
:> It gives me a confusingly worded option which ends in "do you want to
:> skip this step?" and selecting:
:> Yes: takes me right to dselect
:> No: takes me to a list of setup "profiles" such as web server,
:> firewall, desktop system, etc... and that I can skip [S]elect when I
:> eventually do dselect.

: We know that it's poorly worded. Sorry for the confusion.

A couple of earlier threads gave advice without which I never would've
been able to get Debian 2.0 installed -- frankly I think they should be
part of the general installation guide.  The first provided an URL for
the dselect tutorial: http://www.debian.org/2.0/dselect.beginner.html .
It made sense of the interface in a way that the helps screens couldn't.

The second was from a thread with subject "Debian 2 Install script?":
In comp.os.linux.misc grep@oriole.sbay.org (George Bonser) wrote:

   The KEY for a newbie is the first time through dselect only set two
   things, if you do not want emacs, delete it. Also, if you want an emailer
   other than smail, select it and when thrown into conflict resolution,
   make sure smail is marked for removal.

   Now, install the stuff that is preselected for you. You will probably
   have three or four things that do not install the first time if you are
   on FTP because FTP will try to install them in the wrong order. Just
   select install again when you get back to the main menu and they should
   go the second time around.

   Now once you have gotten all that stuff installed go back and select the
   additional package you want and install them. This will keep you out of
   conflict resolution.

Prior to trying this, I would always select too many things my first time
through dselect and it would crash.  Doing this first made it happier (-:

:> First, what is this page of "profiles" called?   

: The "profiles" are just an part of the installation, you'll never see them
: again later. You can't invoke it again.

That's really too bad, b/c I got to that point of the installation several
times before being able to get past it with a stable system.  To be able to
start again from there would've saved a lot of trouble repeating steps. (And
knowing it's *not* invokable separately -- it's not even mentioned in the
install guide, btw -- would have saved the search to find out how to do it).


p.s. don't let the install headaches deter you, Debian is a wonderful distrib.

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