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Re: Debian HOWTO

On Sat, 29 Aug 1998, Guy's Account wrote:

> On Sat, 29 Aug 1998, Martin Schulze wrote:
> > > Kathy Miles and I are working on a web page designed to get new users
> > > and/or Windows users started using Debian.  We plan to publish it as a
> > > book as well.  Were covering more than is needed for a HOWTO and could
> > > incorporate into one.  We were planning on doing the HOWTO, but we need to
> 	<snip>
> > Guy's Account wrote:
> > >  ... so I'll leave it for now ... 
> > Why not work together with them?  I understand that's the way the Internet
> > works.
> 	<snip>
> Well, I'm open to that.  Actually, re-read the original suggestion:
> > HOWTO similar to RPM howto but describing the Debian package format and
> 				^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > giving some information on how to install debian packages (using dpkg or
> 			     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I didn't "get" this until the third time I read the message.  So perhaps
> there's scope for two HOWTOs here ... however, we could work on both of
> them together.
> Is that ok with Chuck and Kathy ?
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> Guy W. Hulbert					At Work:
> guy@interlog.com				T.B.D.

Hi Folks
	Let me elaborate a bit on what Chuck and I are attempting to do. 
We are working under a self-imposed narrow timeline, hoping to have the
initial version of the book done in one month. We want to cover debian
installation, setup and the basics of using a linux machine. The difficult
challenge is that we are targeting people who are completely unfamilar
with linux or unix: you know those folks who use that "other" operating

        Chuck comes from a unix/linux background, I come from the other
side, having been using unix off and on for a year or so and linux more
and more frequently the past 6 months. I am an astronomer by trade (I
write a weekly earth/space newspaper column for the general public and
have volunteered at the local planetarium writing shows) and can
sympathize with people who are intimidated by the thought of using a new
operating system. Our goal is to interest (and educate) the general public
and dissassociate the linux=geek mindset. We'll be putting the book
on-line and will then hope for input and suggestions from folks like you. 

	As far as making it a debian package goes, Chuck is all for the
idea and I like the idea but have a few concerns. We want to contribute to
debian (and I am also interested in providing some "general public" linux
articles for debian publicity, but we also want to publish and sell the
book, having that basic need of living expenses. We already volunteer a
major amount of time to a local freenet. I would like to make this book
available for anyone to read but don't like the idea that someone could
rip it off and sell it themselves. Any suggestions or solutions to this
concern would be appreciated.


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