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Re: Debian HOWTO

Guy's Account wrote:

> > I just checked doc-linux (/usr/doc/HOWTO) and I was surprised to see that
> > there is a RPM-HOWTO but no HOWTOs related to Debian, I would like to see a
> > HOWTO similar to RPM howto but describing the Debian package format and
> > giving some information on how to install debian packages (using dpkg or
> > apt).. 
> > 
> > 	Is there anywork ongoing on this subject??
> > 
> I'd like to work on this if there are no other takers.


> Do I have to register as a developer for this ?

HOWTO's are often not directly related to the project.  This means
you don't need to become a maintainer.

However, if you want to use CVS for the HOWTO and want to encourage
others (e.g. other maintainers) to contribute, we can set up a general
cvs repository on va.debian.org.  In that case you should become a

I don't consider the second way bad. :)

>     [	I don't know to what extent cross-posting on these lists is
> 	frowned upon ... but I'm obviously trolling for a response
> 	from manoj :) ]

[ I'm removing -policy since this has nothing to do with policy. ]

> Are there any other "small" documentation projects which need doing ?

There is the dddc, the fom, and I guess there is one more.



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