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Re^4: Will docbase find existing docreg files ?

Am 16.08.98 schrieb apharris # burrito.onshore.com ...

Moin Adam!

APH> > APH> It assumes that (a) files are .dhelp files, (which is wrong), (b)
APH> > APH> metadata is installed under /usr/doc (which is not required, and
APH> > APH> also
APH> > Of course it#s required.
APH> Nope.

Than we should change that. I propose:

  .*.docreg or .dogreg

APH> Excellent!  ;) Now there's just the problem of install-docscalls
APH> being made before install-docs is installed, and how to deal with
APH> that.  Any suggestions?

Yes, install-doc should be a standard package, because several packages  
like your auto-converter, dhelp, ... will use it.

cu, Marco

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