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Re: Documentation co-ordinator's tasks

We are in the Jeans, please take our name from your list
Thank you


At 05:57 PM 6/26/98 -0400, Adam P. Harris wrote:
>"James A.Treacy" <treacy@debian.org> writes:
>> > > This would be cool. The simplest thing is probably to let
>> > > authors keep the HTML/SGML in their home directory, and possibly
>> > > cron job it to the main web site once in a while or
>> > > whatever. I'm not sure exactly how the site works.
>> > 
>> > No, you can run programms after a CVS commit!!
>> > 
>> > And with CVS more than one author can work on one file at the same time!!
>> > - I think that's the tool you need ;)
>> Yes, everything should be in CVS on master. The copy on your home
>> machine is checked out and updates are released back to master. The
>> cron job to update the web site simply checks daily to see if any
>> documentation has changed.
>Do run a 'make' or some on the web site after an update propogates
>We do this sort thing for work.  We have a special user who does 'cvs
>update -d' in each subdir which is setup, and then we run a special
>'make' target which regenerates the HTML and other flavors of
>documentation iff the SGML source has changed.
>I have a shell script to do this, BTW, which perhaps could be adapted.
>I know cvs on cvs.debian.org is setup for a different document root
>per project, basically a sort of CVS-chroot.  This is different from
>what we do but could probably be adapted.
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