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Re: Documentation co-ordinator's tasks


At 08:52 AM 6/26/98 +0200, Gerhard Poul wrote:
>> > Ideally there should be some kind of server that accepts submissions
>> > from authors, incorporates them and runs a make of the HTML
>> > documentation, and (on success) copies the HTML and SGML onto the
>> > website. 
>> >
>> This would be cool. The simplest thing is probably to let authors keep the
>> HTML/SGML in their home directory, and possibly cron job it to the main
>> web site once in a while or whatever. I'm not sure exactly how the site
>> works.
>No, you can run programms after a CVS commit!!
>And with CVS more than one author can work on one file at the same time!!
>- I think that's the tool you need ;)
>  gerhard
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