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3) DDH --- Examples


I consider the "Installation and Administration" part the most complete. the
structure of the several X branches is incomplete. The "Development" part
(esp. below languages) is incomplete. Please mail me any suggestions you
have (please with an explanation and/or example).


Debian Document Hierarchy --- Examples

| Debian/ |					[debian]
	News/						[news]
	Politics/					[polit]
		"Debian Free Software Guide"
		"Debian Manifeso"
		"Debian Constitution"
		"Dselect" ;)
	Bug Database/					[bugs]
		"Bug Reporting"
		"Bug Mailserver"
		"Bug Maintenance"
	Support/					[support]
		"Mailing Lists"
		Bug Database/@ -> ../Bug Database/		[----]
	Security/					[security]
		"Debian Security"
		"Developer PGP Key Ring"
	Development/					[devel]
		Package Maintenance/				[maint]
			"Debian Packaging Manual"
			"Develpers Reference"
			Policy/						[policy]
				"Debian Policy Manual"
				"Doc Base"
				"Menu System"
				"SGML Entity Reference"
				"Debian Emacs Policy"
			Helper Programs/
		Dpkg/						[dpkg]
			"Dpkg Internals"

| Installation and Administration/ |		[instadm]
	Initial Setup/					[setup]
		Coexistence with other OS/		[coexist]
	Kernel/						[kernel]
		"Kernel-Documentation <version>"
		Booting/					[boot]
		Modules/					[modules]
			"Kerneld" (mini)
			"Modules" (mini)
			"Module Utilities"
	Hardware/					[hardware]
		Architectures/					[arch]
		Laptops/					[laptop]
		Controllers and Interfaces/			[interf]
			"Ultra-DMA" (mini)
		Graphic Cards/					[graphic]
		Amateur Radio/					[ham]
		Serial Devices/					[serial]
			"Boca.gz" (mini)
		Performance/					[perf]
			"BogoMips" (mini)
		Network/					[net]
			"Leased-Line" (mini)
		Input Devices/					[input]
		Sound Cards/					[sound]
			"AWE Driver FAQ"
		Data Storage Media/				[data]
			Hard Drives/				[hd]
				Large-Disk.gz (mini)
				Ultra-DMA.gz (mini)
			Compact Disk/				[cd]
			Tape/					[tape]
		To Support Impaired/	(title?)		[access]
		Miscellaneous/					[misc]
			"Coffe.gz" (mini)
	Software/					[software]
		Booting/@ -> ../Kernel/Booting/			[----]
		Kernel/@ -> ../Kernel/				[----]
		Backup/						[backup]
			"Backup-With-MSDOS" (mini)
			"cpio" (info)
			"tar" (info)
		Keyboard and Console/				[terminal]
			"Keyboard and Console HOWTO"
			SVGATextMode/				[svgatextmode] 
				Frequent Asked Questions
				Creating Textmodes
		Input Devices/					[input]
			"GPM" (info)
			"GPM FAQ"
		Communication/					[comm]
			"Fax-Server" (mini)
		Printer/					[printer]
			LPRng/						[lprng]
			Filter/						[filter]
		Network/					[net]
			"IP-Alias" (mini)
			"IP-Subnetworking" (mini)
			Dial Up Connection/				[dialup]
				"Diald" (mini)
			Firewall and Masquerading/			[firewall]
				"IP-Masquerade" (mini)
				"Bridge+Firewall" (mini)
			Bridge/						[bridge]
				"Bridge.gz" (mini)
				"Bridge+Firewall" (mini)
			Protocols/					[proto]
				"DHCPcd" (mini)
				UUCP/						[uucp]
					"Sendmail+UUCP" (mini)
				PPP/						[ppp]
					"PPP HOWTO"
					"PPP FAQ"
				Mail/						[mail]
					"Mail HOWTO"
					"Mail2News" (mini)
					"Offline Mailing" (mini)
					"Cyrux IMAP" (mini)
					Sendmail/					[sendmail]
					Exim/						[exim]
						"Exim Overview"
						"Exim Manual"
						"Exim Filter"
				News/						[news]
					"News HOWTO"
					"Mail2News" (mini)
					"News Leafsite" (mini)
					Inn/						[inn]
						"[whatever there is]"
				World Wide Web/					[www]
					"WWW HOWTO"
					"Java-CGI HOWTO"
				Miscellaneous/					[misc]
			X/@ -> ../X/Network/				[----]
		Database/					[db]
			SQL/					[sql]
		X/						[x]
			"XFree86 HOWTO"
			"XFree86 Video Timings HOWTO"
			Network/					[net] 
				"LBX" (mini)
			Window Manager/					[wm]
			Desktop Environments/				[de]
		Amateur Radio/					[ham]
			"Ham HOWTO"
		Miscellaneous/					[misc]
			"Pilot HOWTO"
	Internationalisation and Localisation/		[locales]

	Security/					[security]
		Debian/@ -> ../../Debian/Security		[----]
		"Security HOWTO"
		"Shadow Password HOWTO"

| User's Manuals |					[user]
	Shells/						[shell]
		Bash/						[bash]
			"Bash" (info)
	Other Operating Systems/			[otheros]
		"MTools" (info)
		Emulators/					[emu]
			Dosemu/						[dosemu]
				"DOSEMU Howto"
	Games/						[games]
		"Angband Doc"
		"LambdaMOO USer Manual"
	Printing/					[printing]
	Sound/						[sound]
		"Sound Playing HOWTO"
		"AWE Driver FAQ"
		"Timidity FAQ"
	Text Editors/					[edit]
		Vi/						[vi]
			"NVI FAQ"
		Emacsen/					[emacs]
			"Emacs 20"
			"XEmacs 20"
	Email/						[mail]
		Filter/						[filter]
			"Exim Filter" (info)
	World Wide Web/					[www]
			"Lynx User Guide"			[browser]
		HTML/						[html]
			Development/@ ->../../../Development/Languages/World Wide Web/
	Text Processing and Document Formats/		[text]
		"Ispell" (info)
		SGML/						[sgml]
			"SGML Tools"
			"Linuxdoc-sgml" (info)
			"Docbook Documentation"
			"Docbook Stylesheets"
		TeX and LaTeX/					[tex]
			"DviPS" (info)
			"Fontname" (info)
			"LaTeX2e" (info)
			"Makeinfo" (info)
			"TeXinfo" (info)
		PostScript/					[ps]
		PDF/						[pdf]
			"Acrobat Reader"
		Groff/						[groff]
		Info/						[info]
			"Info Reader" (info)
			"Makeinfo" (info)
			"TeXinfo" (info)
	Science/					[science]
		Mathematics/					[math]
		Physics and Astronomy/				[physik]
	Graphic Processing/				[graphic]
		3D/						[threed]
			"Moonlight Creator"
	X/						[x]
		Window Managers/@ -> ../../Inst&Admin/Software/X/Window Manager/
		Desktop Environments/				[de]

| Development/ |			*1*	[devel]
	Debian/@ -> ../Debian/Development/		[----]
	Building/					[build]
		"Automake" (info)
		"Autoconf" (info)
		"Ld" (info)
		"Make" (info)
	Debugging/					[debug]
		"Data Display Debugger"
	Kernel/						[kernel]
		"Kernel Doc <version>"
		Driver/						[driver]
			"SCSI Programming HOWTO"
			"Serial Programming HOWTO"
	Languages/					[lang]
		Preprocessor/					[pp]
			"Gasp" (info)
			"Cpp" (info)
			"M4" (info)
		Assembler/					[asm]
			"Gasp" (info)
			"As" (info)
		Parser Generator/				[parser]
			"Bison" (info)
			"Flex" (info)
		C/						[c]
			Compiler/					[comp]
				"Cpp" (info)
				"Gcc" (info)
				"EGcc" (info)
				"PGcc" (info)
			Libraries/					[lib]
		C++/						[cxx]
			Compiler/					[comp]			
			Libraries/					[lib]
		Java/						[java]
			Compiler/					[comp]
			Classes/					[class]
		Perl/						[perl]
			Modules/					[modules]
		Python/						[python]
		Scheme/						[scheme]
			"Scheme Report"
		SQL/						[sql]
		World Wide Web/			*2*		[www]
			Java/@ -> ../Java/				[----]
		Miscellaneous/					[misc]
	Libraries/					[lib]
		Graphical User Interfaces/			[gui]
		Graphic/					[graphic]
		Math/						[math]
		Security/					[security]

*1*: All below level two is only example. This depends heavily on existing
     documentation and programs for the language.
*2*: This is intended for CGI, Java, PHP, wml, etc...

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