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Re: doc-base 0.4 and other issues

Am 16.04.98 schrieb apharris # burrito.onshore.com ...

Moin Adam!

APH> We have two major policy issues to solve immediately (although it is

Why? We#re talking about Debian 2.1 and not about hamm!

APH> documents explaining these two issues right now.  As the doc-base
APH> maintainer, I shall take it upon myself to formulate the document (a),
APH> unless anyone has a valid objection to that.  BTW I'm going to make it

You can not create a document, because we haven#t defined the standards.  
But if we have done it, it would be nice.

APH> a separate SGML document, fold it out of the doc-base (but include it,
APH> isn't SUBDOC wonderful?).

No, I would suggest docreg.

APH> With respect to the proposed document heirarchy, I agree with Manoj in
APH> that the document should be more of an index than a table of contents.
APH> Furthermore, as an index, we need to allow crosslinking, in other

Please stopp this discussion. Keep it simple and let us start with the  
structure itself.

APH> words, a single document id may appear in multiple locations along the
APH> index.  I personally feel unhappy with every proposed heirarchy:
APH> Christian's is too deep; Marco's is too arbitrary.  I am wondering who

Have you looked at 3th version? I#ve included some suggestions.

APH> (a.2) Do we need any additional fields?

Please send me comments to my docreg suggestion.

APH> (a.3) Should we reconsider the 'document-id' system (one docid per
APH> file, many formats)?  Wouldn't it make it easier for package
APH> maintainers to have a single file that could have multiple
APH> document-ids?  Would this be a bad idea?

No, it#s a good idea. I will not support a standard where you need a file  
for one document, and two files for two documents. That#s nonsense. I  
would suggest that the document ID line must be the first line of a  
document. So you can have several IDs in one file:

  Doc: 1
  File: ...

  Doc: 2
  File: ....

Like <item></item> in .dhelp.

APH> (a.4) What file location is going to work given, say, a shared,
APH> NFS-mounted /usr?

I don#t understand that. Could you explain it please?

cu, Marco

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