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Re: directory structure - 2.

Hello all,

just a short note dropped from university:

I accept the challenge and try to get all opinions about the 
document structure under one big hat ;)

I will respond in great detail to all the mail I got, but this has to wait
as I´m especially busy today and tomorrow.

Expect a first draft, basing on all suggestions at late saturday.

On last note: I will only maintain the *logical* structure.
I´m not at all interested how this structure will be implemented in a
directory tree or whatever. I think those issues should be seperated
(conception and implementation). But I also think it is not such a big deal
(but doing it so will make it easier for me ;).

A very last note: Probably you could use the time I´m busy
going on with more important issues? I think we have all opinions
about the logical structure in the archive now, and we can continue the
discussion at the weekend/next week, okay?

Thank you,

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