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Re^2: dhelp directory structure

Am 13.04.98 schrieb schwarz # monet.m.isar.de ...

Moin Christian!

CS> I don't like it :) The structure looks like it's based mostly on our
CS> archive structure,

That#s right.

CS> but this structure is less than intuitive (at least,
CS> for me, but I've heard this from a lot of users too).

Well, the structure is not the problem. But some developers have choosen  
the wrong diretory for their program.

CS> I'd prefer a much `deeper' structure. Below is a first attempt for such a

Have you read the article about designing a user interface on WWW pages in  
the c#t (11/97?). A deep structure is not a good idea. Remember that the  
programs itself can create subdirectories and that we have support for  
other languages. So you have to walk to 5 or more directories in worst  

CS>  - I haven't spent a lot of time on this yet--it's really just a first
CS>    draft to show you what I'm thinking of

Ok. Could you post the current structure used by doc-base?

CS>  - in some places it's hard to determine the correct section of a
CS>    manual--I'd prefer to put such manuals in several sections

No, please not. This is very confusing for the user. In some cases you  
could create an own root directory.

CS> Here is what I'm thinking of:
CS>    General documents  [general]
CS>       Debian FAQ
This is a document? Or a directory?

CS>       Debian META Manual
CS>       Linux HOWTO's and FAQs

Take for example the Debian documents. How many documents have we got? 10?  
One directory for all would be enough (both user + developer).

CS>    Installation instructions  [install]
CS>       Debian Installation Manual
CS>       dselect Beginner's Guide
CS>       Debian Release Notes

That should moved to the debian section.

CS>       Linux Hardware HOWTO

? That#s part of the HOWTO directory.

CS>    User's manuals  [users]

Why do we need such a root directory? Where#s the advantage?

CS>    Developer's manuals  [devel]
CS>       C documentation

[devel/c]? Not a bad idea. Maybe [devel/libs] would be nice.

CS>       Perl documentation

[devel/perl]? Good idea.

CS>       Debian's packaging system  [admin/packaging]
CS>          dselect Beginner's Guide

admin? -> debian

CS>       X Windows documentation  [admin/x11]
CS>          Debian's X README
CS>          Setting up X...


CS>    Debian developer's documents  [debian]
CS>       General  [debian/general]
CS>          Debian Dictionary
CS>       Standards  [debian/standards]
CS>          Debian Policy Manual
CS>          Debian Packaging Manual
CS>          Debian Developer's Reference
CS>          FSSTND
CS>          FHS
CS>          ...
CS>       Package developer's manuals  [debian/packaging]
CS>          Debian Packaging Manual
CS>          Intro: Making a .deb
CS>          Debian Menu System

I would suggest simply [debian/devel] and [debian/user]. It#s bad to  
create a directory for only three documents.

CS> (This is really just a first draft and very incomplete!)

A little bit confusing, could you please post a list, that includes simply  
the directory structure (short names)?

cu, Marco

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