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LDP manuals

 (apologies if this has been discussed before) I've been playing with the
tutorial, and was looking at the LDP Linux user's guide. It's very nice:
much better written than anything I'm likely to come up with, at least,
and reasonably complete. It doesn't have anything Debian-specific, of
course, and is in LaTeX rather than SGML. It's also a little less
comprehensive than the outline I sent earlier.

 I hate to duplicate this, so I was going to do some massive
cut-and-paste. That seems a little undesirable, in some ways.
 - Debian manual won't benefit from LDP improvements, if any
 - makes it hard for people to read both manuals (would anyone want to
 On the other hand, I'm not sure what else to do. The LDP manual could
possibly be made Debian-specific with a \Debian{} command which 
either inserted a Debian-specific paragraph or inserted nothing; then the
manual could be conditionally compiled depending on what version was
wanted. But that'd clutter the LDP source, especially if every
distribution wanted to do it, and we still wouldn't have easy HTML and
text output formats.

 Anyway, my current plan is to cut-and-paste some of the good explanations
from the LDP manual when appropriate. But I wanted to bring it up on the
list in case anyone had objections/comments/better ideas.



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