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Re: HOWTO Partitionieren


It's nice that you want to help us translating our docs, but now I have to
translate your mail! ;-)

For the English audience: Werner suggested to translate the cfdisk.txt
documentation from our boot disks into German.

We could definitely need help with the translation, so you are always
welcome. You can check out the home page of our project at


As you can see on our web page, we've planned to write several manuals. I
think we should merge the existing installation docs (install.html,
dselect.beginner.8.html, *.txt) into a larger "Debian Installation
Manual". Then this manual could be translated into several languages.
(Of course, you can start translating cfdisk.txt into German first until 
the new manual has been set up.)

I CC this mail to Sven since he maintains the current installation
manual. Sven, would you agree?

You might also ask Christian Leutloff about this, since he already
translated a few manuals into German.



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