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DEP17 /usr-move: debootstrap set uploaded


I have just uploaded
 * base-files
 * bash
 * dash
 * glibc
 * util-linux
to unstable. These were the last remaining packages shipping aliased
files inside the package set relevant to debootstrap.

Once any of these packages has been built until the last of these has
been built, debootstrap (and other implementations) will fail to work.
I performed these uploads simultaneously to keep the disruptance
minimal. While the changes are already part of Ubuntu noble and I have
extensively tested them locally, I cannot entirely rule out mistakes and
will handle them in the next days. If you spot problems that look
related to these uploads, please X-Debbugs-Cc me in your bug reports or
contact me on IRC (e.g. #debian-usrmerge).

For trixie, there currently are migration blocks to prevent partial
migration of these changes. The release team will lift them once we are
satisfied with the situation in unstable such that the time where
debootstrapping trixie also is minimized.

Thanks for bearing with me and also thanks to all the people (release
team and affected package maintainers in particular) who support this


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