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Re: [RFC] locking down rsyslog.service

Michael Biebl wrote:
> While the attempt is to secure the default configuration of rsyslog, I
> do not want to restrict it so much that it becomes unusable.
> If you think, that one of those directives could cause issues with
> commonly used setups, please let me know, so I can adjust the
> configuration.
> Looking forward to your feedback.

Maybe also add `RestrictAddressFamilies=AF_INET AF_INET6 AF_UNIX`?

I see the rsyslog package is compiled without capng support:

  --enable-libcap-ng      Enable dropping capabilities to only the necessary
                          set [default=no]

With the libcap-ng dependency rsyslog can apparently perform capability
privilege dropping at some point during startup:


I seem to recall that capability dropping requires additional
privileges, though (CAP_SETPCAP?).

Is this code in rsyslog maybe redundant if the process starts up with
the already reduced set of capabilities and that's the rationale for not
building the package with --enable-libcap-ng? I guess if that's the case
then there aren't any capabilities that are needed by rsyslog only
briefly at startup that can be dropped by the daemon itself?

Robert Edmonds

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