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Bug#1053244: ITP: golang-sourcehut-rockorager-go-jmap -- A JMAP client library

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Robin Jarry <robin@jarry.cc>

* Package name    : golang-sourcehut-rockorager-go-jmap
  Version         : 0.3.0-1
  Upstream Author : Tim Culverhouse
* URL             : https://git.sr.ht/~rockorager/go-jmap
* License         : Expat
  Programming Lang: Go
  Description     : A JMAP client library

A JMAP client library. Includes support for all core functionality (including
PushSubscription and EventSource event streams), mail, smime-verify, and MDN

This is a new build dependency of aerc.

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