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Re: Bug#1053165: ITS: nunit


Quoting David Bremner (2023-09-28 16:40:13)
> Bastian Germann <bage@debian.org> writes:
> > Source: nunit
> >
> > I intend to salvage nunit with the plan to orphan it in three weeks.
> > Please notify me if you object.
> In my opinion, your repeated "salvaging" of packages in order to orphan
> them is an abuse of the ITS process. Yes, it's a clever procedural hack,
> but Debian is not (supposed to be) about tricking our fellow
> developers. I don't know what best process to do the QA work you want to
> do is; I suspect you should consult the MIA team for suggestions.
> David
> - who co-wrote the ITS process, and knows what it says.

I don't think it's a clever hack. It would be a hack if it at least works
within the given set of rules. But devref specifically says:

"Note that the process is only intended for actively taking over
maintainership.  Do not start a package salvaging process when you do not
intend to maintain the package for a prolonged time."

So salvaging a package with the intention to orphan it is clearly violating the
explicit rules of the salvaging process.

So I do not think whether or not this approach is wrong is a matter of opinion.
It is clearly written down that you should only salvage if you "intend to
maintain the package for a prolonged time".

I like a lot that we have the salvaging process in place. Please do not taint
it by breaking its rules.


cheers, josch

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