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Re: sbuild can't find piuparts even when it's listed in build dependencies

On 9/26/23 10:24, Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues wrote:
piuparts is run outside the build chroot, not inside of it.
Thanks, that's useful info.
My best guess is that the issue here is that piuparts is installed in /sbin
and /sbin isn't in the default sudo path, but that would imply that there's a
bug in the build tools rather than that I'm doing something wrong, and I
think the latter is more likely. ;-)

I'm on Bookworm.

Any tips?
do you have piuparts installed outside the chroot?
Yes. Still not working.
If you are having problems with sbuild, you can also always file a bug against
sbuild in the BTS.

Yes, but I would rather first make sure I'm not doing something stupid before I clutter BTS with what would turn out to be a "support ticket" rather than a bug if in fact this is user error.

But I suppose that's what I will have to do if no one on this list can tell me why sbuild is failing to find piuparts.


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