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Re: lpr/lpd

On Fri, Sep 22, 2023 at 11:07:39PM +0900, Simon Richter wrote:
> Yes and no. We're providing a better service than pulling the rug under the
> users, but we could do better by communicating that these packages are in
> need of new maintainers instead of waiting for them to bit-rot to a point
> where we have an excuse to remove them -- because all we're doing that way
> is justify the rug pull, but the impact for the users isn't minimized.

There are two things that we can call for, and we probably should try
to do both.  The first is making sure that we have an active *Debian*
maintainer.  The other is to see if we can find an *Upstream*
maintainer.  And for that, we can take a look at a wider set of
potential maintainers.  For example, in the case of rlpr, it also is
packaged by FreeBSD and NetBSD.  So perhaps there are some joint
upstream collaboration that could be done with folks from different
distibutions, or even different OS's.

Just a thought,

						- Ted

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