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Re: Bug#1052421: ITP: control -- Python Control Systems Library

Kurva Prashanth wrote...

> * Package name    : control
>   Version         : 0.9.4
>   Upstream Author : <Python Control Developers
> <python-control-developers@lists.sourceforge.net>>
> * URL             : http://python-control.org/

While I cannot judge whether this package is a sensible addition to
Debian - I strongly ask you to re-consider the package name as "control"
can apply to many different areas, and is therefore not helping when
trying to figure if that package helps in a particular situation.
Also, as there's the debian/control file in each source package, this
will create some confusion and possibly even to users asking you for
help with their packaging.

Just from the above website, perhaps something like
python-feedback-control-systems or a bit shorter variant would be more
appropriate. I might be wrong.


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