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Re: lpr/lpd

El domingo, 17 de septiembre de 2023 14:13:32 -03 Thorsten Alteholz escribió:
> Hi everybody,
> as you might have heard during the Debconf talk of Till, cups3 and CPDB 
> (Common Printing Dialog Backends) are waiting at the gates.
> Maybe this is a good opportunity to get rid of some old legacy stuff. Is 
> there anybody or do you know anybody who is using the old BSD lpr/lpd 
> stuff?  I don't mean the lp/lpr commands that are provided by cups but 
> the old lpd spooler from package lpr.

I was going to say "me by using dosemu", which is not even on Debian's archive anymore [^0]... but turns out I am filtering the output trough a Qt-based application, so no :-/

[^0] Interestingly I keep a copy of the last package on the archive and keeps working like a charm for my use case...

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