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allow missing description fields and empty long descriptions for Rust/etc packages?

Hi all,

I have noticed that almost all Rust packages in Debian have boilerplate
long descriptions that aren't very useful to Debian users. The only
useful info is the crate name, but that is also in the package name.

As far as I know they inherit this property from the upstream Rust
crates, which only have a synopsis or even no description at all.

Having the Rust team and other folks add non-upstream descriptions for
crates seems like not very useful work, since the Rust packages are
basically only used as build-deps and therefore have no human users.

So I would like to suggest Debian relax our requirements around binary
package descriptions, especially for Rust binary packages.

Does anyone object to this change?

Are apt/dpkg or the repo creation tools likely to need fixing?

Are there any other places that would need changes? (eg DDTP)

Are there any other ecosystems that this could apply to?



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