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Re: [idea]: Switch default compression from "xz" to "zstd" for .deb packages

On Sun, Sep 17, 2023 at 09:31:03AM +0530, Hideki Yamane wrote:
> On Sat, 16 Sep 2023 13:34:02 +0200
> Guillem Jover <guillem@debian.org> wrote:
> > That's not correct. dpkg-deb is doing multi-threaded xz decompression
> > since 1.21.13, and dpkg-source is doing multi-threaded xz compression
> > and decompression since 1.21.14.
> > 
> > Also the Ubuntu zstd implementation did not have multi-threaded support
> > at all, the one implemented in dpkg 1.21.18 does have explicit
> > multi-threaded support for _compression_, but AFIUI (from zstd code and
> > its API being used in libdpkg) not for decompression.
>  Thank you, that was my fault, correct information is very welcoming.
>  Is there any plan to improve zstd implementation in dpkg?

FWIW, if people think that it would be beneficial for libzstd to be
built against libpthread (which seems to be the only way it supports
multithreaded operation right now), this could be arranged - I just
never thought anybody wanted that until now.


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