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Re: Do not plan to support /usr/lib/pam.d for Debian pam

On Sep 16, Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> wrote:

> However, and this is very important, *no one has decided that you get to
> do that work in Debian*.
I am confident that I have never said otherwise.

> Right now, any base system package maintainer could decide that putting
> configuration files in /etc makes sense for reasons of their own limited
> to their specific package and further break support for booting a system
> in this mode, and there are no grounds to ask them not to do this.
> Because you don't have an *agreement*.
I think that I am allowed to ask all I want at any time (severity: 
wishlist), but they can also choose to not care.

> Accomplishing things like this in Debian has a large social component that
> I think is being neglected.
After having initiated a few things like this in Debian I suspect that 
I am beginning to understand why this may happen.


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