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Re: sysadmin configuration of sparse-/etc vs prepopulated-/etc?

On Sep 16, Josh Triplett <josh@joshtriplett.org> wrote:

> If we're talking about developing a solution that doesn't already exist,
> why not have that solution *be* the
> notification-and-diff/show-the-defaults mechanism you're describing? For
> instance, provide a declarative mechanism to say "this file/directory in
> /usr is the default version of this configuration file in /etc", with
This is upcoming in a future systemd release, with a new tmpfiles.d(5) 
flag adding the semantics "this rule should be only considered on the
first boot".
("first boot" is a systemd term of art which has exactly the semantics 
that we need here.)

> standard schemes like 'merge' or 'override'", and then offer a tool
> (similar to the existing systemd-delta but generalized) to show all the
> configuration files that differ, as well as automatic support for
> flagging changes on upgrades and suggesting a three-way merge (similar
> to ucf)?
This is not, but it could be added on top of it by anybody interested.

> With some care for convention-over-configuration, debhelper
> could auto-populate this declarative data in many cases.
This is intriguing. :-)


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