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Re: Re: Default font: Transition from DejaVu to Noto

> It's a bit ironic. I proposed in a MR to prepend fonts-noto-core to
> that list, and you merged it. At the time I wasn't aware of the
> significance of being listed first, and I suppose you weren't either.

Yes, this sounds ironic and you are right, I wasn't aware of the
implications of this change. :/

In my defense, I didn't have the fonts-noto-core package installed at
that time (for obvious reasons). And albeit taking part in the
discussion in #983291, I wasn't aware anymore of the fact that this was
indeed the "core" package that bundled 168 font files. To me it looked
like we were following upstream and replace one "core" font package
with the other, but I admit I wasn't prepared that the latter one
contained ~150 more font files than the former.

Again, I have no problem with replacing DejaVU Sans/Serif/Mono with
Noto Sans/Serif/Mono, my only problem is replacing the former with the
latter plus 150 more fonts that I didn't ask for. ;)


 - Fabian

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