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Re: Default font: Transition from DejaVu to Noto

On 2023-09-12 05:40, Adam Borowski wrote:
You don't need to physically merge font files, fontconfig is fine with many
fonts sharing the same name.  You can't then request a specific font, but
taking missing glyphs from others still works.

(Haven't looked at this in a while, would need to test.)

I am curious if this method would cause ligatures (which are essential in many non-roman scripts) to still form. For the ligatures to display, the OpenType shaping engine needs to see a run of text (all the codepoints that make up a ligature) with a specific font that has the needed GSUB rules.

If the missing glyphs are taken one by one, I would have thought that ligature formation would then be broken.

Bobby de Vos

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