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Re: Bug#885698: What licenses should be included in /usr/share/common-licenses?

Quoting Russ Allbery (2023-09-12 18:15:27)
> Jonas Smedegaard <jonas@jones.dk> writes:
> > If you mean to say that ambiguous MIT declarations exist in
> > debian/copyright files written using the machine-readable format, then
> > please point to an example, as I cannot imagine how that would look.
> I can see it: people use License: Expat but then include some license that
> is essentially, but not precisely, the same as Expat.  If we then tell
> people that they can omit the text of the license and we'll fill it in
> automatically, they'll remove the actual text and we'll fill it in with
> the wrong thing.
> This is just a bug in handling the debian/copyright file, though.  If we
> take this approach, we'll need to be very explicit that you can only use
> whatever triggers the automatic inclusion of the license text if your
> license text is word-for-word identical.  Otherwise, you'll need to cut
> and paste it into the file as always.

Ah, right.  I see it now.

Strictly speaking it is not (as I was more narrowly focusing on) that
the current debian/copyright spec leaves room for *ambiguity*, but
instead that there is a real risk of making mistakes when replacing with
centrally defined ones (e.g. redefining a local "Expat" from locally
meaning "MIT-ish legalese as stated in this project" to falsely mean
"the MIT-ish legalese that SPDX labels MIT").

If you disagree, then please shout, as then I am still missing your
point here...

 - Jonas

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