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Re: bookworm+½ needed (Arc GPUs, ...)

Intel is also slow in upstreaming their SYCL implementation to LLVM
upstream. So that there is still a very far way to go towards
the pytorch variant that can use intel ARC GPU.

On Mon, 2023-09-11 at 12:47 +0200, Adam Borowski wrote:
> So...
> If you've watched our Dear Leader's talk, a prominent problem listed
> was problems with new graphics cards.
> While he didn't elaborate, I assume it was about Intel Arc -- ie, new
> DG2
> discrete GPUs.  And the problem is, proper support didn't hit the
> kernel
> until after 6.1.  You can kinda-sorta run on 6.1 by whitelisting it
> by PCIe
> ID on the kernel cmdline, and it even works (6.0 couldn't cope with
> my
> setup, 6.1 was ok), but such an intentional block doesn't suggest
> it's
> something wise for a normal user to do.
> I'm not sure if firmware shipped with Bookworm is good enough, either
> (having grabbed a copy of the files much earlier, would need to
> test).
> Of course, this wasn't Debian's fault.  The group at Intel
> responsible
> for upstreaming kernel/etc bits was too slow, not providing drivers
> until
> after the hardware has already been shipping to regular non-NDAed
> customers.
> But then, hardware makers do this all the time.  Intel Arc just gives
> a
> more prominent reason to have an installer with backported
> kernel+stuff.
> Before we go and bother the relevant folks (or maybe even do part of
> the
> work ourselves...), could someone name other pieces of hardware that
> would
> be wanted for Bookworm+½?
> Meow?

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