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Re: /usr/-only image


On 9/11/23 23:08, Simon McVittie wrote:

Some packages rely on their own configuration existing in /etc. For these
packages, ideally they'd try loading from /etc as highest priority, but
fall back to /usr as a lower-priority location. This is a
package-by-package change, and probably best achieved upstream.

The problem isn't so much the location of the configuration file, but the method used to merge default, distro-provided and system-specific configuration, and how much deviation from the default configuration is expected.

I'd argue that udev and systemd are kind of special here in that they mostly provide a registry for other components to hook into, and that the majority of users stick with the default configuration.

This would not work for a package like postfix, which absolutely requires system-specific configuration, and we'd have to be careful with packages like postgresql where there is a default configuration that works fine for hobbyists that we do not make life too difficult for professional users.


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