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Bug#1051553: ITP: lib25519 -- X25519/Ed25519 microlibrary

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Jan Mojzis <jan.mojzis@gmail.com>
X-Debbugs-Cc: debian-devel@lists.debian.org

* Package name    : lix25519
  Version         : 20230630
  Upstream Authort: Daniel J. Bernstein
* URL             : https://lib25519.cr.yp.to/
* License         : LicenseRef-PD-hp OR CC0-1.0 OR 0BSD OR MIT-0 OR MIT
  Programming Lang: C
  Description     : X25519 microlibrary

lib25519 is a microlibrary for the X25519 encryption system and the Ed25519 signature system, both of which use the Curve25519 elliptic curve. Curve25519 is the fastest curve in TLS 1.3, and the only curve in Wireguard, Signal, and many other applications (see Nicolai Brown's page https://ianix.com/pub/curve25519-deployment.html).

lib25519 has a very simple stateless API based on the SUPERCOP API, with wire-format inputs and outputs, providing functions that directly match the central cryptographic operations in X25519 and Ed25519:

lib25519_dh_keypair(pk,sk): X25519 key generation
lib25519_dh(k,pk,sk): shared-secret generation
lib25519_sign_keypair(pk,sk): Ed25519 key generation
lib25519_sign(sm,&smlen,m,mlen,sk): signing
lib25519_sign_open(m,&mlen,sm,smlen,pk): verification + message recovery
Internally, lib25519 includes implementations designed for performance on various CPUs, implementations designed to work portably across CPUs, and automatic run-time selection of implementations.

lib25519 is intended to be called by larger multi-function libraries, including libraries in other languages via FFI. The idea is that lib25519 will take responsibility for the details of X25519/Ed25519 computation, including optimization, timing-attack protection, and eventually verification, freeing up the calling libraries to concentrate on application-specific needs such as protocol integration. Applications can also call lib25519 directly.

I'm using this library and I'm going to maintain using https://salsa.debian.org/
I need sponsor for the first upload (I'm DM).

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