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Kind invitation to join my DebConf BoF "Chatting with ftpmasters"

Hi ftpmasters and
developers who contributed to previous discussion with ftpmaster on this list

You might have noticed that I registered "Chatting with ftpmasters"[1]
for Debconf which is scheduled Sep 11 (Mon): 16:30  local time in Kochi
(just check the website for your local time which is printed as an

I'd like to invite anybody who is interested to enhance the
communication to join this BoF either at site or from remote.  Locally
I'll bring some homemade sweets (quince jelly) for every member of the
ftpmaster team to thank you for all your work.

I have put my (preliminary) slides online[2] and I'm open for comments
and enhancements.  You can also add notes to etherpad[3] in advance.

Looking forward to meet you in Kochi

[1] https://debconf23.debconf.org/talks/31-chatting-with-ftpmasters/
[2] https://people.debian.org/~tille/talks/20230911_debconf_ftpmaster_bof/
[3] https://pad.dc23.debconf.org/p/31-chatting-with-ftpmasters


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