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Bug#1051318: ITP: rust-xtr -- Gettext helper for Rust crates

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Fabian Grünbichler <debian@fabian.gruenbichler.email>
X-Debbugs-Cc: debian-devel@lists.debian.org, debian-rust@lists.debian.org, debian@fabian.gruenbichler.email

* Package name    : rust-xtr
* Version         : 0.1.9
* Upstream Contact: Olivier Goffart <ogoffart@woboq.com>
* URL             : https://github.com/woboq/tr/tree/master/xtr
* License         : AGPL-3.0
* Programming Lang: Rust
* Description     : Gettext helper for Rust crates

xtr is a tool for extracting strings from a Rust crate, for further processing
i18n flows. It is similar to GNU's xgettext, and can extract strings annotated
using the tr macro from its sibling crate 'tr', but also supports other gettext
based localisation crates such as gettext-rs, gettext, rocket_i18n.

The package will be maintained under the Debian Rust team umbrella in

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