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Bug#1051086: general: networking misconfigured and unusable after bookworm upgrade

Control: reassign -1 network-manager

Am 02.09.23 um 16:51 schrieb D. R. Evans:

[Z:~] nmcli
enp12s0: connected to Wired connection enp11s0(eth0)

It appears you have a connection configuration named "Wired connection enp11s0(eth0)" which is applied to enp12s0. This leads me to believe, that you don't have the connection configuration bound to a certain interface and as a result NetworkManager will pick the first one that is ready.

You should be able to find the configuration file in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ under the above name.

Please attach this file to the bug report.
Or if this file is missing the output of
nmcli connection show Wired\ connection\ enp11s0(eth0)
(use tab completion to get the properly quoted file name)

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