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fonts-liberation transition

Dear debian-devel,

I'd like to annouce and discuss a package transition with you: In this
release cycle I am going to let the src:fonts-liberation2 [1] package
replace and take over the role of the src:fonts-liberation [2] package.


However, since the version of the fonts-liberation package is currently
at 1:1.07.4-11 and the version of the fonts-liberation2 package is
currently at 2.1.5-1, the new version will have to carry the epoch of
the former. However, I don't see any issues with this approach, as I
don't know of any other package which declares a *versioned*
relationship to any of the fonts-liberation* packages.

To provide some rationale: Upstream [3] abandoned the v1 Liberation
fonts some years ago (last commit 2018) and entirely replaced them with
the v2 Liberation fonts which were built on similar, but different base
fonts. Additionally, they factored out the Liberation Sans Narrow font
from the v1 fonts, because this variant was not available in the v2
fonts. This package is currently waiting in the NEW queue [4].

In Debian, we first packaged the v1 font in the fonts-liberation
package. When v2 was released, I upgraded the package to this version,
but was asked to revert that change shortly after due to some hinting
glitches introduced by the new version (which were resolved meanwhile).
So, I re-introduced the v1 fonts (and that's where the epoch comes
from) and packaged the v2 fonts separately in the fonts-liberation2


TL/DR: My plan for the future is to only have the same two packages in
Debian that upstream provides. That is, Liberation v2 in the fonts-
liberation package and Liberation Sans Narrow in the fonts-liberation-
sans-narrow package. The new fonts-liberation package will have version

Please keep me in CC, I am not subscribed to debian-devel.


 - Fabian

[1] https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/fonts-liberation2
[2] https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/fonts-liberation
[3] https://github.com/liberationfonts

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