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please coordinate using ITP bugreports

Hi all fellow Debian developers,

Duplicated work is silly and learning you've done it feels frustrating,
so let's try avoid that by a) communicating when initiating a work and
b) checking first if others have already begun same work.

For Debian packages, we have since long established a method to
coordinate this called "intent-to-package" bugreports, or ITPs.  Please
file an ITP when you prepare a new package, and before you do please
check first that there is not already an ITP for that same package.

Purpose of ITPs is not to "claim ownership", but an invitation to
coordinate efforts.  It is only an invitation, however, and requires
followup to work as intended: Please be respectful to your peers by
checking for ITPs before (initiating and) uploading new packages into

You might work in a team that does things differently - maybe hint about
new efforts in our wiki or on salsa or on a team-specific mailinglist.
Please have in mind, however, that Debian is larger than your team, and
whatever you choose to do internally within a team is in *addition* to
how we generally collaborate in Debian as a whole.  Debian uses Debbugs
as bugtracker, and within that uses ITPs to coordinate new packages.

Concretely this post was triggered by stumbling upon "rust-rmp" package
in NEW queue last night, after working on that package myself as
announced in bug#1014339.  My point here is the general usefulness of
ITPs, however.

This affects Rust team internal procedures but concerns Debian as a
whole, so please reply to debian-devel@l.d.o
(headers added accordingly).

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

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