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Re: Half the world being removed


Am I observing a side effect (kind of back-in-time) regarding a repair process
on this issue?
Because, for instance, the following page:


has now its 'news' section showing:

[2017-09-05] fwanalog 0.6.9-8 MIGRATED to testing (Debian testing watch)
[2017-08-30] Accepted fwanalog 0.6.9-8 (source) into unstable (Adam Borowski)
[2015-05-30] fwanalog 0.6.9-7 MIGRATED to testing (Britney)
[2015-05-20] Accepted fwanalog 0.6.9-7 (source all) into unstable (Emanuele Rocca)

with the lost of the 0.6.9-9 (unstable) related entries when I looked at it few days ago.


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