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schroot: Stricter rule for chroot names

Hello debian-devel,

a new version of schroot (1.6.12-2) will hit unstable in a few hours.
As the only but major change, the rule about allowed characters in a
chroot (or session) name got a lot stricter to avoid some harm that can
be done. If you're using names with various punctation or 8bit
characters, the upgrade will croak in preinst. This hard breaking is the
lesser evil since these chroots and sessions will be invisible to the
new schroot binary.

Consider putting schroot on hold if you need some time to resolve this.

In the future, names must match the following regular expression:


Or: Letters and digits are always okay, and in all but the first place,
the characters dot ('.'), dash ('-'), underscore ('_'), at ('@'),
percent ('%'), or plus sign ('+') are allowed, too.

Therefore, the usual convention of grouping words with dashes like for
example "buster-backports-source" will just continue to work.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this - given the circumstances it
seems any other approach will either require a lot of work to implement
or might leave some holes open that would require another urgent upload.

Special thanks to Julian Gilbey <jdg@debian.org> who reported the
underlying issue and helped discussing a fix.


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