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Alternative aliases for print, see, edit and compose ?

Hello everybody,

the `mailcap` package (formerly `mime-support`) provides commands named
`compose`, `edit`, `print` and `see`, which are aliases to
`run-mailcap`, which is used to open files (especially when `xdg-open`
is not installed).

`run-mailcap` is able to parse information from `/etc/mailcap` that
indicate alternative ways of opening a file according to the intent of
the user, in particular if they would prefer to edit the file, or just
display it.  The commands listed above are the way this intent is

It has been suggested to me via a pull request on Salsa that the
`mailcap` package could use the _alternatives_ system so that other
packages can provide their own version of the `run-mailcap` aliases.  I
have no objection in principle, but before doing so I would like to
confirm on this mailing list:

 - Is there interest from other package maintainers to provide their
   own alternatives ?

 - Are there objections ?

 - What would be the interface ?  For the `open` command, the interface
   is minimal: the file to open as argument, and the rest is

Have a nice day,


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