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src:developers-reference - pt_BR translation initiative

Hi, there,

I have been thinking about opening a new translation front to our team, when
I saw Holger’s talk about the developer's reference handbook [1]. It would be
another great opportunity to our (small) team to contribute to the Debian

I was considering a solution using OmegaT [2] along with git. Holger, are you
thinking about moving the files to some web platform that does not use git?
Because if this is the idea, I would prefer to wait and to not use the OmegaT
solution, so our team can move along with all other teams to the chosen

[1] https://debconf21.debconf.org/talks/93-srcdevelopers-reference-wants-your-help
[2] https://omegat.org

Thank you and be well!

Thiago Pezzo (tico)
Debian pt_BR Localization Team

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