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Re: Debian Policy released

On Tue, 17 Aug 2021, Sean Whitton wrote:

Hello everyone,

I just pushed version of the Debian Policy Manual and related
documents to sid.  Below you will find the significant normative changes
from the previously announced release of Policy (4.5.1).

The formal upgrading checklist is short, but also included in this
release is important work by Russ Allbery to improve how we use Policy's
explicitly normative terms -- 'must', 'should', 'recommended', etc.
These keywords are now used more consistently.  We have also introduced
a new category of statements which we are calling "Policy advice".  The
addition of this category should make it easier to incorporate
descriptions of more of our best practices into Policy.  Please see 1.1.

There are also a number of miscellaneous corrections.  Thank you to
those who submitted bug reports and patches.


   No package is allowed to install files in ``/usr/lib64/``. Previously,
   this prohibition only applied to packages for 64-bit architectures.

   Manual pages may be included in dependencies, not only in the packages
   containing the things they document.


The upgrading checklist on [1] is for version 4.5.2. I could be wrong, but doesn't this usually match first parts of the policy version (

[1] https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/upgrading-checklist.html#version-4-5-2


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