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Re: Help required to determine why some packages are being installed

Hi David, and thanks for your reply!

On Thu, May 27, 2021 at 04:28:08PM +0200, David Kalnischkies wrote:
> The self-inflicted joy of avoiding a transitional package (see also the
> other thread about transitional packages on d-d@ I should comment) and
> of too strict dependencies (just because its the same source package
> doesn't mean = is a good choice; >= would have avoided that mess). ☺

Who could know that a removed package could make such a mess? :)

> Add the Breaks also to qtbase5-dev. Also, make that breaks versioned so
> that you can reintroduce qt5-default if that turns out to be needed
> (Lintian probably complains about it, too).

Thanks for the suggestion! Adding such Breaks solves most of the problems.
When I run “apt dist-upgrade”, apt no longer tries to remove libqt5gui5.

When I was testing this, I tried to upgrade only a subset of packages using
“apt install libqt5widgets5” (that package was installed, but running
that command should upgrade all Qt packages). Unfortunately, when running
this specific command, apt still wants to remove libqt5gui5 and install
libqt5gui5-gles. But I think we can live with it, as most users who have
not upgraded yet will probably use dist-upgrade (or full-upgrade).

> Usually I would recommend reintroducing qt5-default, but as you
> described it as a sid-user only problem it seems more beneficial to keep
> it removed for everyone rather than to readd for sid only confusing
> users who want to look up if a removal of qt5-default is okay or not.

To be more precise, it is a problem for users of sid and testing who have
not upgraded for a long time. Users of stable should be safe. Things are
a bit worse in Ubuntu, where the bad qt5-default made it to a stable
release. In any case, I discussed with my co-maintainer (Lisandro) and we
don't want to readd qt5-default.

Dmitry Shachnev

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