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Re: Planning for libidn shared library version transition

mån 2021-05-24 klockan 20:45 +0200 skrev Timo Röhling:
> Hi Simon!
> * Simon Josefsson <simon@josefsson.org> [2021-05-24 19:34]:
> > I want to upload a new upstream libidn release into Debian, but
> > upstream
> > has done a shared library transition. 
> You should probably read the Release Team documentation [1] on
> library transitions if you haven't done so already.

Thanks -- I will take a look.

> > Is the first step on the transition to provide a libidn-dev package
> > experimental (and after the release, unstable) and make all reverse
> > build-dependencies use it?
> Generally, it is a good idea to have a libidn-dev package instead of
> libidn11-dev, so +1 on that. It will avoid sourceful uploads of
> reverse-dependencies in the future.


> However, I noticed that Debian ships with the successor library
> libidn2 already, and its homepage says it provides a compatibility
> layer for libidn. So wouldn't it be better to sunset libidn in favor
> of the new version?

It would, but there are still some valid reasons for using libidn
(e.g., stringprep), and I doubt all dependencies will be able to
migrate before bullseye+1.  I will include a comment about this in the
bugs I file, maybe some of the reverse dependencies should just stop
using libidn instead.  Still, they need to be modified anyway.


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