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Re: packages.d.o and listed suites

On Sun, May 09, 2021 at 04:54:38PM +0200, Daniel Reichelt wrote:
> Hi *,
> since yesterday (roughly, probably earlier) some of my live-build images
> fail due to a new and faulty version of shim-signed.
> After a quick look on packages.d.o, I was pretty confused: nothing new
> listeded there for stable.
I'll say this for a second time today in this ML: packages.d.o is not
useful for contributors, only to (some of) users, and
http://tracker.debian.org/pkg/shim-signed would help you with your query.

> Why is this suite not listed on packages.d.o?
Maybe it would be too confusing? Though the current behavior
(buster-updates in the search results header and on the package page but
not in the search dropdown, buster-security overriding buster) may be very
confusing too.


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