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Re: Who to contact about removing package from upcoming 11 release?

On Mon, May 03, 2021 at 11:18:04AM -0300, Kurt Fitzner wrote:
> When the maintainers are unresponsive, I'm not sure the escalation process.
> - #926253 /usr/share/postfixadmin/lib/../templates_c does not exist on new
> installation (Since Debian 9)
> The concern I have with this remaining in testing and then Debian 11 is
> primarily #926253.  Since about 2018, upstream's postfixadmin has required a
> writeable tmp directory called templates_c.  This is not created by the
> installer and the application fails without it.

Taking this entirely at face value, the escalation is quite straight
forward. If you can confirm the issue "renders package unusable" on a
fresh install of testing, then use `reportbug` to update #926253 to
"grave" severity for version 3.3.5-1.


> renders the package unusable, or mostly so, on all or nearly all
> possible systems on which it could be installed (i.e., not a
> hardware-specific bug); or renders package uninstallable or
> unremovable without special effort

If not, or if they disagree, then it's up to the maintainer's
discretion. Please note that the currently listed Maintainer hasn't made
an upload since 2014, and the Uploader explicitly requested in 2018 that
someone else adopt it as "I can't test the package thoroughly".


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