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Re: Bug#987884: ITP: git-autofixup -- Automatically fixup commits with related changes


On Sat, 1 May 2021, at 14:48, Daniel Gröber wrote:
> git-autofixup creates fixup commits from changes in the worktree. This
> can save the tedious work of amending fixes into the appropriate
> commits during codereview.
> Changes to consider are parsed out of git-diff(1) and git-blame(1) is
> used to assign hunks to commits since the revision given on the
> commandline, which will typically represent a topic branch. Then it
> creates fixup commits to be used with git rebase --autosquash.
> - There is another program called git-absorb which performs
>   essentially the same function as git-autofixup but is written in Rust
>   instead of Perl. Since Perl is much easier to package in Debian I went
>   for the latter ;)

Well, OTOH git-absorb already *is* in Debian :)

> - I plan to maintain this package myself, though I am looking for a
>   sponsor.

I can probably sponsor it. Or you can ask in pkg-perl (cc'ed).


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