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Re: using uscan with Fossil SCM

Le 30/04/2021 à 23:31, Romain Porte a écrit :
> Hi fellow Debianites,
> I am currently in the process of packaging grammalecte [1] that relies
> on the Fossil SCM [2]. However on the taglist page [3] the links are
> directing to Fossil HTML pages, but not .tar.xz files. When browsing out
> the 2.1.2 tag HTML page [4], one has to follow the "check-in" link [5]
> before being able to download an archive from the resulting page [6].
> As Fossil seems to be an SCM that could be used by other packages, does
> anyone already managed to use uscan with Fossil? I was not able to find
> any examples in the manpage nor on codesearch.d.o. I see that uscan
> supports custom scripts, so one may be able to follow the links using
> the script but I am not sure what software I am allowed to call into the
> script and if tools for parsing HTML are available (thinking about
> BeautifulSoup Python library). This may be very hacky and manual, and
> maybe we should find a way to deal with Fossil SCM together for possible
> future packages and document this in the uscan man page.
> Thanks in advance for your highlights,


no uscan isn't able to do this. The simplest way is to write a
"fossil.pm" file in /ussr/share/perl5/Devscripts/Uscan/ (see git.pm or
svn.pm). Then it will be possible to use "mode=fossil" in debian/watch
and use tags directly.


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