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using uscan with Fossil SCM

Hi fellow Debianites,

I am currently in the process of packaging grammalecte [1] that relies
on the Fossil SCM [2]. However on the taglist page [3] the links are
directing to Fossil HTML pages, but not .tar.xz files. When browsing out
the 2.1.2 tag HTML page [4], one has to follow the "check-in" link [5]
before being able to download an archive from the resulting page [6].

As Fossil seems to be an SCM that could be used by other packages, does
anyone already managed to use uscan with Fossil? I was not able to find
any examples in the manpage nor on codesearch.d.o. I see that uscan
supports custom scripts, so one may be able to follow the links using
the script but I am not sure what software I am allowed to call into the
script and if tools for parsing HTML are available (thinking about
BeautifulSoup Python library). This may be very hacky and manual, and
maybe we should find a way to deal with Fossil SCM together for possible
future packages and document this in the uscan man page.

Thanks in advance for your highlights,


[1] https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=860579

[2] http://code.grammalecte.net:8080/home

[3] http://code.grammalecte.net:8080/taglist

[4] http://code.grammalecte.net:8080/timeline?t=v2.1.2

[5] http://code.grammalecte.net:8080/info/8d70c5ae60b892cd


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