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Re: Missing samba DSA-4513 changelog in https://metadata.ftp-master.debian.org/changelogs/

On Wed, 2021-04-07 at 20:07 +0900, Hideki Yamane wrote:
> Hi,
>  I cannot find appropriate pseudo package in reportbug, so ask this
>  in -devel.
>  Fumiyasu (CCed) found a issue with samba package changelog in
> packages.d.o.
>  https://packages.debian.org/buster/samba has "Debian Changelog" link
>  but its 
> https://metadata.ftp-master.debian.org/changelogs//main/s/samba/samba_4.9.5+dfsg-5+deb10u1_changelog
>  link is 404.

The latter site is part of the main archive and does not have
information about package versions that are only in the security

Packages uploaded to the security archive are normally copied to the
(old)stable-proposed-update suite of the main archive, so long as that
is open, i.e. until the last point release.  So it looks as if the copy
to the main archive failed for some reason.

>  Something wrong with 
> https://metadata.ftp-master.debian.org/changelogs/ ;,
>  that doesn't have the changelog were introduced with DSA 4513-1 as
> https://tracker.debian.org/news/1061236/accepted-samba-2495dfsg-5deb10u1-source-into-stable-embargoed-stable/
>  Also, why DSA 4513-1 is not included in Debian10.2 ?
>  See https://www.debian.org/News/2019/20191116

Because the package didn't get copied to the main archive.

The common reason why this may fail is that a maintainer uploads a
different orig tarball to the security archive.  However, the two
versions agree on the checksums of the orig tarball.  I would take this
up with the FTP team.


Ben Hutchings
It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.
                                                      - Albert Einstein

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