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Re: Bug#986382: DPL Jonathan Carter's passport number is *******

> We are contributors to Debian
> The contribution of every one of us makes the name Debian respectable

If you were, why do you try to destroy it with this attempt?

> Please stop!  Delete all fascism and defamation about any volunteer that has been instigated from Debian in any form whatsoever.  Delete it from the vote, web pages, search engines.
> Please stop!  Delete all negative options from the RMS vote.  We only want positive options or nothing.  We will not tolerate any outcome that is negative for a volunteer
> If the mob does not respect our request, we are making a data dump of all the DebConf personal data.

Wtf please relax. The vote isn't even finished. And let's assume the
project would vote against it, why do you want everything to be
deleted? That's just stupid.

Also, let's suppose you are a contributor to Debian (which I doubt),
why do you contribute to a project which rules you don't respect? Why
do you try to hurt everyone, even those who might vote in favor of
supporting RMS?


PS: if you reply to this, please don't share the alleged last digits
to the passport number.

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