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Re: Packages in contrib solely because they allow using non-free software

Hi Doinik,

I'm the Lutris Maintainer for Debian, and I completely agree with you.
However, at least for Lutris, there is no choice since we recommend
winetricks. Thus, I simply copied the copyright comment from

For winetricks it is a bit more tricky as it can download non-free
dlls afaik. On the other hand, Lutris downloads tons of files as part
of the runtime, and there might be non-free files in there (I'm aware
of at least one icon that has an unknown origin). In both cases,
nothing is installed system-wide, so one could argue it's more like
automatically wget-ing files to your home directory.

There was a larger discussion about this on debian-devel-games [1],
you might be interested in that.


[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-games/2021/01/msg00013.html

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